Quake Champions – Open Beta (Steam)

Quake Champions has just entered a limited time Open Beta and everyone who joins in during the next week will be able to continue playing even after the event is over!

As we mentioned during last years Open Beta, Quake Champions is an arena shooter from id Software, which features fast placed old school run n’ gun action with a variety of fearsome playable champions, each with their own distinctive style, attributes and abilities. As you expect from a Quake game, it’s got plenty of big and beefy weaponry, with rocket launchers, lightning guns and railgun allowing for lots of brutal ways to dispatch your opponents across multiple game modes.

Quake Champions has had a fairly lukewarm reception on PC so far, mainly due to the MOBA-esque champions and loot boxes, but it’s (mostly) been getting better with each update. It’s certainly worth checking out for a bit of old school run n’ gun fun. Get in before 10am PT June 18th to get it for free!

Download The Quake Champions Open Beta Here