Quake Champions – Open Beta


Quake Champions is now in Open Beta! NDA’s have been lifted and anyone who signs up can now get a Beta key instantly!

As we mentioned during the Closed Beta Sign Ups, Quake Champions takes the fast paced skill based run and gun multiplayer of Quake 3 and adds some shiny new visuals and MOBA-esque characters with unique skills and attributes. The addition of the unique heroes has thankfully added rather than detracted to the fast paced old school run and gun fun that Quake is renowned for though – adding a bit of depth to the game, but still making for an intense, brutal and skill based experience.

The only worry at the moment is the free to play model they’re using which locks away all the Champions except one, with you able to rent new characters for 24 hours for in-game currency or purchase them permanently with real money – which discourages players from experimenting with new characters. It’s still great fun though, with ridiculously fast paced, carnage-filled matches that’ll make your eyes bleed. The Beta is open 24/7 until May 21st, so join in now for some fragging good fun!

Get Your Quake Champions Beta Key Here (Requires Creation of a Bethesda Account)