Quantum Rush Champions – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

quantum rush cahmpions

Quantum Rush: Champions is an adrenaline-fuelled WipEout-Style Racer with break-neck speeds, assorted futuristic weaponry, and exciting boss battles.

Quantum Rush: Champions is the successor to Quantum Rush: Online, which features offline play and single player modes, including career mode, campaigns, challenges, unlockable racers and tracks, upgrades and 21 boss battles.  Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who’s played WipEout before, with fast paced racing and high speed combat with futuristic weaponry.  The Boss battles are a welcome addition, as is the ability to hold 3 weapon power-ups at a time, allowing for more strategic play.

There was a time when futuristic racers were everywhere, but nowadays they seem to be a dying breed.  But with blistering speeds, nice visuals, great music and fun gameplay, Quantum Rush: Champions proves that there’s life in the old dog yet!

Check Out Quantum Rush: Champions on Steam HERE (only $4.99)

We have 20 Quantum Rush: Champions Early Access Steam Keys to give away!  We’ll be giving 15 of them out via our Facebook page HERE.

We’ll give the other 5 Steam Keys out to any YouTubers/Twitch streamers who want to give it a go – simply leave some channel info a comment below and we’ll send you a key!

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  1. I’m a big fan of F-Zero and would like to give this game a go during a streaming session :D


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