Queen of the Vesparians – Game Jam Build Download

Queen of the Vesparians Game Download

Queen of the Vesparians, a charming hand drawn point and click game made for the Adventure Jam 2017, has you going an odd adventure with a cute little alien bear, as he looks for honey for his family!

Honey, of course, is the best food for bears of all kinds (even alien ones). You are looking to gather enough honey for your family to eat for breakfast. The forest does have some hives in it, but none of them are big enough or contain enough honey for you to feed all of your family. So you have to go deeper into the forest – until you stumble upon a huge hive – big enough to live in!

This hive is full of honey, but it also harbours a few surprises that may make getting back home to your family a little bit tricky! You’ll need to use all of your cunning and ingenuity to figure out a way to escape and make it back for breakfast.

It’s a fun little adventure, with some nice twists, an endearing protagonist and a charming game world brought to life with it’s beautiful artwork. A humorous honey-filled adventure well worth getting stuck into.

Download Queen of the Vesparians Here (Windows)