Quest Room: Hanon – Beta Demo

Quest Room: Hanon is a cleverly crafted first person room escape game that plays a little like The Room games, but instead of trying to break into intricate toy boxes you’re trying to break out of an ancient Egyptian puzzle room.

You’ve been searching for 20 years for the ancient Egyptian artefact of Hanon. The good news is that it looks like you’ve found it, but the bad news is that you’re trapped inside a small puzzle room that’s full of intricate puzzles for you to solve before you can make your escape.

The current build of Quest Room: Hanon features a sizeable chunk of gameplay that’ll take around 20-30 minutes to playthrough. Much like in The Room games, the inner workings of the room you’re locked in feel satisfying tactile, with you physically moving objects and slotting them into place. The puzzle design is excellent throughout, requiring you to carefully observe your surroundings and use logic and a little experimentation to crack them.

It’s a great little puzzle game with high quality visuals, excellent use of its ancient Egyptian theme and lots of creative puzzle design. A very impressive room escape adventure well worth breaking into.

Check Out a Playthrough Video Here

Download The Quest Room: Hanon Beta Demo Here (Windows)