QuestMatch.Com – Game Jam Build Download


QuestMatch.Com is a fun blend of Tinder and RPG adventuring in which you use a smart phone app to find suitable partners to go on quests with!

Times were that finding a team of adventurers to go on quests with was hard – you’d have to go out into the world, meet them and perform tasks to earn their trust. Everything is much easier now though thanks to QuestMatch.Com – Tinder for adventurers – with you able to inspect stats, form releationships and from a team of adventurers all from the comfort of your smart phone.

There are monsters to be vanquished out in the world, but before each quest you must assemble a team. You do this by sorting through a list of possible suitors on your phone, selecting which ones you like and waiting for them to message you. Each adventurer has different stats, and obviously you want the best fighters in your team, but first you have to earn their trust. You do this via chat selections on your phone, and sometimes its best to play hard to get for the toughest warriors as once they fully trust you’ll they’ll always be wanting to ‘Quest and Chill’.

Once you’ve assembled your team you then take them to battle a powerful foe, using your powers to assist them as much as you can. Defeat the enemy and you’ll earn loot that can be used to unlock permanent upgrades for your team, but if one of your team dies then they’ll be gone for good.

As long as you’ve assembled a decent team the combat isn’t too challenging in, but it’s a great little mashup of RPG adventuring and dating simulation that’s well worth checking out for some lighthearted fun. A quirky little RPG dateventure worth swiping right on.

Download or Play QuestMatch.Com Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)