QUO: Within The Backrooms – Beta Demo

QUO: Within The Backrooms is a liminal space Sci-Fi horror puzzle adventure where a robotic explorer investigates the mysteries of the Backrooms.

In QUO: Within The Backrooms you take control of an autonomous robotic explorer who is sent into the Backrooms by an organisation that’s attempting to research them. After accidentally opening a portal back in 2000, others have ventured into the Backrooms before you and have never returned. Hopefully you’ll have more success.

QUO: Within The Backrooms isn’t your typical “wander around procedurally generated backrooms” style game. All the environments are hand crafted and you’re only in the “Lobby” area for a short time. You scan glitched objects to help increase your battery capacity and there’s a big focus on puzzle solving.

Don’t expect any big scares in QUO: Within The Backrooms demo (apart from one ar the end), it’s much more about exploring vast liminal spaces in an eerie and unsettling place. It’s a very promising and unique take on the Backrooms lore, and looks set to offer a much more narrative driven puzzle-centric experience.

Download The QUO: Within The Backrooms Beta Demo Here (Steam)