QWERTY – Game Jam Build Download

QWERTY is a fun little typing horror game where you’re taught touch-typing by a qualified instructor who has something to hide.

In QWERTY you have just started up your WellType Keyboarding Interactive Limited Learning Software and are ready to learn the art of touch-typing. You have an online instructor who will talk you through the experience, but it appears he’s not the only one here…

The gameplay in QWERTY is simple but fun, with you typing out the phrases that are dictated by the software. Initially the phrases are fairly normal sayings, like “the early bird gets the worm”, but as you progress things get a little darker and the story unfolds.

It can get a little confusing about who is “talking” through the keyboard at times, but it’s an interesting concept that manages to make typing creepy. A fun little horror game that blends touch typing with a touch of terror.

Download QWERTY Here (Windows)