R-Type (PICO-8) – Beta Demo

R-Type (PICO-8) is a near perfect fan-made PICO-8 powered port of Irem’s classic R-Type game, complete with power-ups, force sphere, music and boss battles!

Currently in development by The Roboz (creator of the excellent Masters of the Universe fighting game), this excellent port manages to faithfully recreate R-Type on the PICO-8 virtual console. The current build contains two levels (three are planned in the full release) and they look and play perfectly.

All the classic enemies are there, the level environments are recreated in exquisite detail and it even manages to cram in those iconic bosses. The chiptune soundtrack is based on Masato Ishizaki’s original score and the game also faithfully recreates the force sphere mechanics. You can attach and detach it in front and behind you, and it has three levels that you can power it up to.

The PICO-8 console is always throwing up great new surprises that push the boundaries of what it’s capable of and this R-Type port is no different. It’s a fantastic recreation of one of the most iconic shoot ‘em ups ever made and it plays just as well as the original. Highly recommended.

Play The R-Type (PICO-8) Beta Demo Here (Browser)