Rabbit/Wolf – Game Jam Build

Rabbit/Wolf sees you trying to save a town from waves of monsters, but you may have to sacrifice some of them to earn the powers you need to save the rest.

Loads of monsters have invaded a small town, so the citizens have moved into a cave to hide. At the start of the day, you are in the cave with the rest of the NPCs. You can talk to them and find out about who they are, what they do, and how they treat you. One of the characters will give you the option to spare their life, eat their body for more health, or absorb their soul for more power. You can make your decision before entering the main area of the cave, where monsters will start appearing.

When you exit the cave some enemies will charge at you, others follow you around, some shot at you. No matter what, you need to survive until the end of a timer to make it to the next day. If you die, everyone will be attacked, and you’ll need to restart the game to actually save everyone. Your life counter does not reset unless you eat an NPC, and you can only take one per day, so you will really need to balance how you want to play.

Rabbit/Wolf is a very challenging game, especially when it comes to surviving the night. You will need to make decisions, sacrifice nice people, in order to save yourself and as many of the citizen that you can. Maybe those citizens should be more scared of you than the monsters outside!

Download Rabbit/Wolf Here (Windows)