Race the Odds – Game Jam Build Download

Race the Odds, an intense neon-filled racing game made for the Invictvs Game Jam, has you trying to avoid lasers, go as fast as you can and pass through triangles to transform into a fidget spinner!

In Race the Odds you start off controlling a white disk, speeding through a colorful neon world. As you move through this space, you can drift left and right, making your way through blue triangles that appear. This will speed you up further, forcing you to react faster to avoid giant lasers falling from the sky. Soon, there are also vast expanses of lava – which you can jump above or speed above depending on how fast you are going!

As you speed up, it becomes more challenging to avoid the various obstacles along your way. These obstacles will slow you down, and soon you will stop moving altogether. If you do move fast enough and pass through enough glowing triangles your disk will transform into a fidget spinner, as will some of the obstacles – adding even more oddity to the game world you’re racing through.

It’s an intense and eye melting experience as you race through the neon-filled raceway of Race the Odds. A strange and super speedy slice of fidget spinner racing!

Download Race the Odds Here (Windows & Mac)