RacketBoy – Game Jam Build Download


RacketBoy, an adorable blend of breakout and bullet hell shooter made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, will have you bouncing bullets back at your enemies and breaking blocks.

You play RacketBoy, a charming superhero, who flies through the sky fighting off adorable ducks and colorful blocks with only his trusty racket. With no way to shoot, you must deflect enemy bullets back towards them with your racket. Only some bullets can be hit back – mainly red circular ones. Once you hit one of these bullets, it will change color and grow. Each additional time you hit the same bullet, it will grow in size and even start to glide through blocks instead of coming back to you after bouncing.

Colorful block enemies stand stationary in the sky. These will only harm you if you bump into them, and mainly seem to just add obstacles for your bullets to bounce around. Ducks fire the type of bullets that you can deflect, though there are also other enemies that shoot off long, purple bullets. These bullets cannot be deflected but will instead harm you. Sometimes power ups can be found – increasing your racket size or adding extra balls.

With only three lives to take on the evil duck menace, RacketBoy is a challenging game.  Having just come first place in the Indies Vs Gamers Jam, the devs plan to add a lot more to the game, including boss fights and multiplayer functionality.  We can’t wait to see more of this fun retro-infused racket-em-up.

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Play or Download RacketBoy HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)