Radiance Hearts – Prototype Download

Radiance Hearts is a charming 2D puzzle action platforming adventure where you control two separate beings who join forces on a journey to save the world from darkness.

In Radiance Hearts you follow the adventure of a magical knight called the Hero of Light and a cute little blob creature called Lumi. Together they are on a quest to seal away the darkness that’s spread across their world.

You can control Light and Lumi simultaneously (with Lumi sitting on Light’s head) or you can control them separately. Both characters have their own uses, such as Lumi being able to squeeze through tight spots and activate switches or Light being able to jump high and attack enemies with his sword. When the two combine they also have special abilities (such as higher jumping and the ability to glide) which also come in handy.

It’s a fun game with charming characters, responsive gameplay and inventive puzzle design that makes great use of the two characters’ abilities. It could do with a little more variety in its environments, but it is an early prototype, so that’ll no doubt come in future builds.

Download or Play The Radiance Hearts Prototype Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)