Radiant Red – Game Jam Build Download

Radiant Red

Radiant Red is a fantastic first person melee/shooter game that blends SUPERHOT visuals and bullet time with Hotline Miami’s combat to create a beautiful ballet of guns, swords and blood.

Your aim in each level is to kill all the enemies without getting shot yourself.  To aid and guide you through this process, you have your trusty sword, able to slice through enemies with ease and temporarily slow down time in the process.  While close to enemies, you can also grab their guns and use them until their limited supply of ammo runs out.

It’s a superb combat system, and much like Hotline Miami, the real joy comes when you manage to chain kills together, becoming the perfect assassin, darting between enemies in an almost balletic fashion  (which is highlighted by the excellent classical soundtrack), leaving a trail of blood and bodies in your wake.  Beautiful, brutal and bloody first person Gun Fu.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download or Play Radiant Red In a Unity Supported Browser HERE