Radical Relocation – Game Jam Build Download

Radical Relocation is a tricky physics based puzzler that sees you attempting to stack all of your belongings on top of your car then drive them over to your new house.

Paying for movers to pack up and transport your belongings is expensive, so why not do it yourself? Radical Relocation tasks you with transporting all of your belongings on top of your car, without even tying anything down (guess rope is expensive too!)

Radical Relocation takes part in two separate stages – the editing stage and the driving stage. In the editing stage you attempt to stack all of the objects on top of your car as securely as possible. Things start easily on the first levels, with easily stackable boxes and cases, but it soon gets tougher as surfboards, sofas and even a kitchen sink are thrown into the equation.

Once everything is stacked the gameplay then switches to driving mode, that sees you attempting to drive through the streets to your new home. It goes without saying that you need to be reeeeealy gentle when accelerating, braking and turning, but if you’re careful you can go off-road for some handy shortcuts.

The controls for the editing stage feel a little clunky initially, possibly as they’ve been designed for use on a Mac (nothing is mapped to RMB or the mouse wheel), but once you get to grips with it, the game allows for some pretty precise stacking. It’s a fun game, that’s like playing a large 3D game of Tetris as you attempt to find the most stable configurations for your precious belongings. A rad little relocation game, well worth checking out.

Note: Hold Alt + LMB to Rotate The Camera. Arrow Keys are used to rotate items.

Download Radical Relocation Here (Windows & Mac)