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Radical Rockits

Radical Rockits is a physics-based flight simulator that employs a purposefully difficult control scheme to bring a QWOP-meets-Pilotwings feel to its gameplay.

Like many of the quirky, indie flying games cropping online as of late, the controls are separated into two types: rotational control and thrust control. Using an Xbox 360 controller makes the jetpack slightly more manageable, but you’ll still often find yourself careening out of control pretty frequently. Without any goals or missions, there isn’t much to do in the game once you’ve grasped those tricky controls, but it is very satisfying when you manage to successfully twirl through a ring or land a bullseye.

Radical Rockits borrows much of its cartoony, low-poly visuals from the Wii Sports franchise, with the jetpacked avatar bearing a striking resemblance to Nintendo’s Miis. The soundtrack is uptempo with just the right sprinkling of jazzy goodness to keep you bobbing your head as you fly erratically through the sky.

Perhaps implemented as a nod to the multiplayer dynamics of the N64, Radical Rockits can play up to four players simultaneously in split-screen. You can also play in co-op modes, with one player controlling the jetpack rotation and the other player controlling the thrusters. If you are up for a high-flying challenge, Radical Rockits is worth taking out for a spin.

Download Radical Rockits Here (Win & Mac)