Radical Squad: Explosive Locomotive – Prototype

radical squad

Radical Squad: Explosive Locomotive is a fast paced puzzle adventure game that tasks you with disarming 5 bombs on a moving train under tight time constraints.

Bombs are disarmed in a variety of ways, all requiring experimentation, camera panning to spot critical objects, various different tools, brainpower, dexterity and a little luck.  It’s a tense game, and it’s fun trying to work out the various ways to diffuse the bombs, with great satisfaction to be had from stopping a timer with seconds to spare.

Unfortunately development has halted on Radical Squad: Explosive Locomotivewhich is a real shame.  With a little work on the control scheme, Radical Squad would make a great basis for a series of bomb disposal games, either on mobile devices or PCs.  It’s an addictive piece of puzzle action where you’ll have to think fast if you don’t want to go out with a bang.

Visit the Official Website & Watch a Gameplay Trailer HERE

Download or Play the Prototype in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

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