Radio The Universe – Beta Demo

Radio The Universe is a very stylish dark Sci-Fi action adventure where an immortal wanderer explores the ruins of a mysterious city.

In Radio The Universe you are an immortal wanderer who finds themselves in an expansive abandoned city that’s home to lots of deadly robotic defenses. As you explore the city you’ll take in its grand architecture, learn the rules that it operates by, fight powerful enemies and upgrade your skills.

It’s a little hard to decipher much of the story at the moment, but Radio The Universe has one hell of an atmosphere and its vast ruined city is a fascinating place to explore. There are some nice unlocks that expand your combat abilities and there are lots of challenging bosses/minibosses to battle along the way. A beautiful, atmospheric and dangerous place you won’t want to leave. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Radio The Universe Beta Demo Here (Steam)