Radio Viscera – Beta Demo

Radio Viscera is a carnage-filled isometric twin-stick shooter where you smash through walls and hurl enemies into traps with a high powered air-cannon!

In Radio Viscera you take on the role of a lowly worker at a heavily industrialized satanic Y2K cultist compound. After damaging your suit in an accident you’re unceremoniously told to destroy your hazard suit by plunging it into acid with you still in it. You’re not too keen on this idea and decide to fight back.

Your main form of combat in Radio Viscera is a high powered air-cannon which can’t kill enemies outright, but it can stun them and fire them into nearby hazards such as trash compactors and grinders. It’s also remarkably good at smashing through walls, which is handy as there are lots of them between you and a showdown with your evil boss.

It’s a wonderfully chaotic game with a great sense of humor and playful game design. Causing havoc in Radio Viscera’s destructible environments is a hell of a lot of fun and the fact that you have to propel your enemies into environmental hazards adds a nice tactical element to the combat. It’s also a great way to release any pent up aggression you have against you workplace!

Download The Radio Viscera Beta Demo Here (Steam)