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Raft is a challenging first person survival game in which you attempt to survive out at sea on a raft with only floating debris to build with and a troublesome shark to keep you company!

You start Raft with just a small raft made out of driftwood and a big hook on a rope. This hook isn’t used for catching fish, rather you use it to catch debris that floats by in the form of wood, thatch, scrap and barrels (you can also swim out and grab items but it’s best to stay on the raft where the shark can’t get you). All of these items are handy, but the barrels are especially good as they contain a selection of materials and can even contain seeds and food.

The materials you catch with your hook can be used to craft lots of items that are vital for your survival, such as a water purifiers, fishing rods and cooking stations. It can also be used to expand your raft, adding walls, windows and extra floors to your humble abode. With a bit of work your little ract can start to look like a big wooden house-boat – just make sure you keep an eye on that pesky shark, as it enjoys nothing more than chomping sections out of it!

Raft is still very early in development, but it shows a lot of promise and it can be a very satisfying experience eeking out an existence and building a massive floating home out of the little debris you come across at sea. A fun seafaring survival experience well worth dipping a toe into.

Download the Raft Prototype Here (Windows)

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  1. Love it! needs more though- ways to upgrade the materials perhaps to add shark-resistance or shark proofing (metal bits surely could make shark proofing), a shark cage so you can actively hunt shark without getting hurt, palm roofing for when you’re ready to top-out a level, bits of cloth to eventually make a sail to get to land – stuff like that to extend the game once you have levels, palms, and loads of net- OH and storage!!! Building or using gotten barrels to keep stuff so you can stop losing it! :)

    • I agree with Crotts, this game was so fun but so short. More crafting methods would definitely make it more interesting! My biggest problem actually was having TOO much in my inventory once I got my item nets up, so a place to store away all that extra scrap and wood would be great! Another thing that would be interesting to add a navigation system (possibly with the use of sails, as Crotts suggested) that could lead you to finding ship wrecks, small islands, etc. I know it’s a lot of work to implement but if the dev team manages to make it work I could see this being a very popular game (especially with all the interest in survival games as of recent)!

  2. I love the game but will need upgrades, because after a certain point it does start to get boring . also I got glitch between a pole and a wall and could not see nothing but sea and black ever where else . but a great game . Things that could help improve it are one I agree with comment above it need some place to store good also if you save the game and then at some point die after you have saved then you can’t get back into your saved game because you have died I think this happens because it saves it when you die . I think if you have saved your game and then die you should be able to go back before you died and go on playing instead of having to start all over . another idea that would be cool is if you could make it where you could join up with other friend on line .

  3. As I started the game it got very interesting, but now at the point of where I’m at in the game, I’m basically just playing with the shark on my Raft/Boat that has over 4 floors. Each floor containing different things. A Chef floor filled with about 8+ grills along with 5+ water boilers. So yes, at my point in the game it is boring. So if you don’t mind taking into considerations here are a bunch of cool ideas I’ve been developing with my 15-year-old brain. So if you really think about it, the only antagonist in the game is your health/food/thirst bar, NOT the shark. And here’s why… Everyone thinks the shark is gonna be the hardest thing to get around, but not quite. The shark only attacks your raft every 20-30 minutes (estimated guess), but by then you should be able to have a spear ready. (Unless you’re desperate for food and you’re gonna jump into the ocean for a barrel that is literally 15 feet away because you can’t aim your god damn hook) So back to my point about the f/d/h bar, if we really wanted to play an easy survival game with the f/d/h bar being the least of our worries we would play Minecraft. Am I right? So fix that, the creators/you should make the food/water around you harder to make “perfect”. I don’t know if I’m using the right words, but what I’m trying to get to is that we need to make it even challenging to raise our f/d/h bar. Like really, I literally have a floor filled with palm tree’s, with walls surrounding the floor of course, so that means I would get about 4-20 coconuts after every 5-10 minutes depending on when I plant the seeds. SO SAY GOODBYE TO THE SALT WATER AND WATER BOILER. So fix this by making poisoned meat or meat filled with bacteria. Again, these are ideas running around my immature (15 years old) mind. This one idea, I wanted to save it for last because I feel like its the best idea I came up with…. I haven’t read the other comments to see if anyone has thought of this, but this idea would be perfect in the “challenging” game. 2 words. “Natural Disasters”. Ok, so sitting on a wooden raft in the blazing sun is far too easy so that’s why we need Hurricanes, Storms, Tsunamis, etc. Any kind of disaster you can think of that goes on in the Ocean life. HECK, It can even be other disasters in the ocean such as whales and seals. Another thing you can fix with the raft is balance with Newton’s Law of Gravity. Like honestly, I get that a single raft can float, but having 10 floors is a bit obnoxious, no talking about those palm trees. LIKE HONESTLY, HOW WAS MY RAFT FLOATING IN THE FIRST STAGES OF THE GAME WHEN I HAD 2 PALM TREE’s ON THE FIRST FLOOR of my raft, along with the water boilers and grills. But Pleaseee…. How???? HOW??? Lmao. Again this is just the ideas I developed with my 15-year-old brain. If anyone would like to add onto this, then please do. If you have any faults with my idea’s then please let me know, via reply button. I hope you all enjoyed my rant on ideas.

  4. You need to ad birds that attack you and the shark need to be faster and not go through the place so please tell me how to get this game on iPad Air 2 easy for a 12 year old peeeaaace

  5. Yes I’m french and my message is in french to show that this game is loved around the world.
    Donc oui, ce jeu est très sympathique. J’ai vraiment adoré survivre dans ce petit jeu. Il est très intuitif mais en quelques heures on a en a vite fait le tour. J’attends avec impatience les mises à jours.
    Encore bravo!!!

  6. Great short game for an alpha test, though there is still lot that could be implemented to add some more valiable gameplay time into it.

    I’m not sure if it is a bug, but on my first gameplay I got stuck in developping my raft since drifting thatch simply stopped appearing and I didn’t have a palm tree yet. On my second playthrough I constructed the palm trees much sooner and curiously this time there was barely wood drifting around, but I had four palm trees, so I was well served.
    But if this is really a bug, if it instead barely sends pieces of metal and you can’t “produce” it other than scavanging the floating scraps you would get stuck in the game as well and there would be nothing you can do about it. So it would be better to check this out.
    The initial minutes of the game seems to send you tons of materials so you can keep yourself alive and upgrade your raft a little and later on the flow lowers. But you have to keep the amount of material coming somewhat balanced so such problem of one material missing and getting you stuck doesn’t happen. You may progress slower, but not get completely stuck.

    Now, about possibilities: One of the suggestions above said about adding gravity so people won’t make something impossible. I think it depends on what is intended, if the game is to go creative on your super raft and play with building, or if it wants to add a difficulty in keeping your raft from rolling to one side though it might decrease the creativity side a little (or maybe not, who knows?)
    Indeed it is quite easy to solve the water and food problem early on (unless you’re very unlucky with the barrels with only palm seeds, it already happened to me). Balancing them out is a delicate topic that needs to be immproved, as well as maybe adding some difficulty with the food you produce. Like, if you keep eating the same thing for a long time it decreases its effect, so it forces you to vary between potatoes, radish, shark and fish meat, as well as coconut. Because, once I killed the first shark and got the four shark meats, they nourished me so well that I was able to kill the next shark right after I finished my previous meats. Maybe you are able to produce ice and a kind of freezer to make your meat last longer? Because both the vegetables and meat last forever and never get rot, as well as the ones in the seed bed didn’t need any maintenance.
    Later on maybe have a hook to bring scraped metal from the bottom of the ocean as a way to “produce” metal? Since you can produce everything else, except metal, but maybe keep it as something you have to manually lower the hook and after some time bring it back and there is a small amount of metal each time?
    Like I said, a way to produce ice in order to make a little freezer to storage food for a longer time.
    The idea of building a sail or a signal to reach an “end game” if it is intended, or just to sail around really, being able to ornate the raft would be nice. Like, I felt sorry for not being able to build a bed for my character.
    Also, an upgrade system, specially to defend yourself from the annoying shark once your raft starts to get more complex (he once bit a piece that had a collum and I lost all the upper floor because of that). Be it adding metal to the lower floor so it resists one shark attack and you fix it later, or having an alarm to prepare you to the coming attack?

    These are my ideas so far. Good luck with the game

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