Rage Chicken – Game Jam Build

Rage Chicken is a rage inducing physics based platformer that draws inspiration from Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy as you try to navigate a near-impossible course with a little chicken.

Seemingly created with the sole purpose of infuriating players until they smash their screens and curl up in a ball crying for their mommy, Rage Chicken is a very tough game, but not quite impossible. In the game you propel your little chicken through the deviously designed world by dragging and releasing the mouse (much like in an Angry Birds game), catapulting it into increasingly precarious positions.

As it’s inspired by Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, it’ll come as no surprise that mistakes can have disastrous results, capable of undoing all your hard work in one fell swoop. As impossible as some jumps look, they are all makable and as you progress you’ll be treated to little whimsical musings from a narrator about things like the cheapness of chicken meat and the advantages of stainless steel.

It’s a rage inducing, but very addictive little game with charming pixel art visuals, deviously designed obstacles and a quirky sense of humor. A great little precision poultry platformer that’ll turn you into a very angry bird!

Download Rage Chicken Here (Windows & Mac)