Rage In Piece – Beta Demo


Rage In Piece is a fabulously frustrating and rage-inducing side scrolling action puzzle game in which you have to memorize the locations of all manner of horrific hidden traps as you attempt to get your character home so in one piece – so he can fulfil his lifelong dream of dying peacefully in his bed.

In Rage in Peace you control an ordinary and unassuming little man who is visited by the Grim Reaper while on his way to work. The bad news is the you’re going to die today, but the good news is that the Grim Reaper’s actually quite a nice person and is willing to help you achieve your dream of dying peacefully in bed (instead of being painfully decapitated as you’re scheduled to die). Unfortunately the gods don’t take too kindly to the Reaper’s meddling and decide to throw every deadly hazard they can at you – from hidden spike traps to shark infested puddles.

There’s a ridiculously large amount of unexpected ways to die in Rage In Peace, most of which you’ll have no idea about until you activate the trap and instantly die. This means that each level becomes an exercise in memorisation as you attempt to remember exactly where each hidden trap is and how to avoid them. This could easily become a controller-smashing rage quit inducing experience, but Rage In Piece’s fabulous tongue-in-cheek humor and vast array of surprising ways to die actually make for a fun and highly addictive game. A super tough and super fun little action puzzler well worth losing your head over.

Download The Rage In Peace Beta Demo Here (Windows)