Raiders of the Broken Planet – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Raiders of the Broken Planet steam key giveaway

Raiders of the Broken Planet is an innovative new third person cover shooter that avoids the Gears of War tropes of just running between cover and shooting by offering players a real incentive to get up close and personal for some bone crunching melee combat.

We featured Raiders of the Broken Planet on Alpha Beta Gamer a week ago and found it to be a very impressive blend of blasting and brawling. Featuring an episodic campaign mode and asymmetrical online multiplayer, it sees factions battling for control of a powerful substance called ‘Aleph’, which can grant its users boosts to accuracy, power, reflexes, resistance and healing, as well as being used to power machinery.

Each soldier goes into battle with a small supply of Aleph, but if you kill an enemy in close quarters combat then you’ll be able to steal theirs too. You can shoot enemies dead from afar if you like, but you’ll lose all that lovely Aleph. This means that instead of just firing from behind cover you’ll need to use stealth, strategy and melee combat to succeed.

It’s an impressive game that offers a great new twist on the third person cover shooter genre. An intense blend of blasting and brawling where brains will beat brute force. We have 1,000 Raiders of the Broken Planet Steam Beta keys to give away! To claim your Beta key simply complete any 2 actions in the widget below and your key will appear in the widget instantly! 

UPDATE: This Giveaway is now finished, but you can still sign up for the Beta You Can Still Sign Up For The Beta (Steam, PS4 and Xbox One)

Raiders of the Broken Planet Steam Beta Key Giveaway