Rail Theory – Alpha Demo

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Rail Theory is a creepy third person action RPG that plays a little like Dead Space as you battle for your life after the outbreak of a deadly crystalline life form on a remote alien planet.

In Rail Theory you take on the role of Flynn Whitera, the last surviving human in a research facility on the planet Argenous after an out break of a crystalline life form known as Rithamolous. This crystalline life form infects each host differently – effectively creating randomly generated enemies, each with their own unique offensive and defensive characteristics.

As well as adding a it of variety, the randomly generated enemies also play a role in the games dynamic difficulty system, with the game adding better components to enemies as the difficulty ramps up. The order in which you tackle the different areas can also has an effect on surrounding areas, not only changing things cosmetically but also altering the properties of the enemies and bosses you fight.

The current build of Rail Theory is still early in development so does have a some rough edges (such as the weaponry feeling a little weak), but it shows a lot of promise. The atmosphere is very tense and it has a lot of good ideas with its randomly generated enemies, unique health system and dynamic environments. It’s a tough game too – ammo is in short supply and those enemies can be pretty tough so you never feel like you have the upper hand as you make your way through the dark and claustrophobic game world. A sinister sci-fi adventure with a few rough edges and a lot of potential.

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Download The Rail Theory Alpha Demo Here (Windows)