Railbound – Beta Demo

Railbound is a wholesome railway themed grid-based puzzle game where you attempt to lay tracks so that the numbered carriages will connect to the train in the right order.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta sign upRailbound is an easily accessible, addictive and tricky little train-based puzzle game. In each level your aim is to lay your limited amount of track in such a way that when the carriages start moving they’ll hook up to the train in the correct order. Things start off fairly simply, but the puzzles get significantly more complex when more carriages, junctions and tunnels are introduced.

The Railbound demo build features a sizable collection of levels and they can get surprisingly tricky (particularly the optional ones). The art style is fantastic and the game has a very cheerful and chilled out atmosphere. Also, it’s very satisfying to watch the carriages make their way around the track once you’ve solved each level. Highly recommended.

Download The Railbound Beta Demo Here (Steam)