Railbound Frontiers – Student Project Game

Railbound Frontiers is a fast paced and frantic sci-fi tower defense game where your towers are on rails and you slide them around to make sure you have the different paths covered.

While most tower defense games allow you to build loads of towers, in Railbound Frontiers you only ever get enough energy to purchase a few. There are three different types of tower, each with their own useful attributes and each of which can be upgraded. Upgrades and towers are quite expensive though so you really have to pick the right ones for each level and you’ll never have more than a handful at a time. Thankfully though, you can place those towers on rails, allowing you to slide them between the different paths that the enemies take.

The waves of enemies travel along different paths and come at you thick and fast. The fact that you never have enough towers to cover all the areas at once means that you’re constantly pulling off a juggling act, as you slide your towers between the areas they’re needed.

It’s challenging, addictive and very fast paced with levels taking just a few minutes to complete (or fail). While most tower defense games give you time to build, then sit back and watch as your towers do their work, in Railbound Frontiers you’re constantly on the move. You’re always on the back foot as you frantically try to reposition your towers for the oncoming waves of enemies. An intense and very clever twist on the tower defense genre. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Railbound Frontiers Here (Windows)