Railcar Revenue – Game Jam Build Download

Railcar Revenue, a chaotic train management adventure made for the GM48, sees you trying to earn as much money as you can while dealing with bandits in the Wild West!

You are the owner of a train which you can add train cars to in order to bring more cargo between stations. There are three different types of train cars; passenger cars, upper class passenger cars, and cargo cars. Each of these different train segments cost money to add to your train, as well as adding length. Depending on the car, you will have to make sure bandits don’t throw off your passengers or cargo. Each lost item or person is lost money!

Bandits are a real menace in Railcar Revenue. You are able to defeat bandits two different ways; by throwing them off of the train or by throwing passengers or items from the train onto them. Left unchecked, the bandits will throw passengers off the train and even set the train on fire – which can spread to other carriages quickly. You are able to smother the fire with items from the cargo hold, but sometimes the fire spreads too much, forcing you to remove the railcar spike and get rid of that part of the train all together.

Keeping this train together takes a lot of work, but it is great fun throwing people around and making money! See if you can thrive and become a train tycoon!

Download Railcar Revenue Here (Windows – McAfee May Falsely Flag Download)