Railz: The Shooting Train Game – Student Project Download

Railz Game Download

Railz: The Shooting Train Game is an intense shoot em’ up that sees you balancing your energy consumption as you fight off waves of killer robots from an upgradeable high speed train.

Railz: The Shooting Train Game is a shooter in which you have no control of the movement of your vehicle as it hurtles along the track (although you can swap the carriages around). Instead you need to purchase the correct upgrades and time your shooting to blast the enemies as fast and as efficiently as possible. This is important because when you shoot, you use up energy. Run out of energy and you’ll really have trouble doing much damage to the robots.

The lead carriage of the train generates energy that is utilized by the rest of the carriages in the train. As you upgrade the carriages they do more damage but also use up more energy. Upgrading the lead carriage will generate more electricity, but it can become quite expensive.

Running out of energy isn’t much of an issue at the start as station stops happen quite frequently, allowing you to regenerate your power purchase upgrades and repairs, but as you progress the stations are few and far between. This makes for a delicate balancing act as you attempt to balance weapon power with generated power, while also using your weaponry as sparingly as possible to give it time to regenerate.

Railz: The Shooting Train Game really impresses with it’s superb pixel art visuals, great audio and intense, addictive gameplay. It’s a high speed, bullet-filled balancing act that offers a very unique take on the shoot ‘em up genre. A true on-rails shooter.

Download Railz Here (Windows)