Rain In The Abyss – Kickstarter Demo

Rain In The Abyss is a pixel art metroidvania with horror elements where you set out into a world of beauty and magic to try and save your water-dependent tribe from a drought.

In Rain In The Abyss an ancestral prophecy has come true and unleashed a terrible drought upon your people. As you are the only one of your tribe that doesn’t need water to survive, you now need to venture out in search of a sacred object that will put an end to the drought. Along the way you’ll use ranged and melee combat to defeat enemies and bosses, and you’ll unlock new skills and amulets that can totally alter the way you play.

It could do with some better checkpointing, but it’s a beautiful game with a fascinating (and deadly) world to explore that’s full of interesting flora and fauna. The pixel art animation is excellent throughout and the combat and traversal offer a nice amount of challenge. See if you can find rain in the abyss!

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Download The Rain In The Abyss Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)