Rainbow Birthday Planet – Game Jam Build

Rainbow Birthday Planet game

Rainbow Birthday Planet is an absolutely adorable little arcade game created for Jupiter Hadley’s Birthday Jam, in which you use a rainbow boosting unicorn to protect a happy little planet from a barrage of asteroids.

In Rainbow Birthday Planet you control a unicorn who patrols a little planet, changing your direction and using rainbow powered boosts to protect it from asteroids. The longer you manage to protect the planet, the older it gets and the bigger it gets, which when combined with the increased rate of asteroids makes your planet protecting increasingly more difficult. If your cute little planet gets hit by three meteorites then it’s game over, although you can replenish your lives by collecting party poppers.

For those unaware, as well as being a writer at Alpha Beta Gamer, Jupiter Hadley is also one of the hardest working Let’s Players out there, who’s mission over the last few years has been to play as many indie games and game jam games as she possibly can (often covering every single game in a game jam). A Jupiter themed game jam is the perfect way to celebrate her 21st birthday then and Rainbow Birthday Planet is a super happy little gem of a game that (among other great entries) celebrates her cheerful disposition and affinity for rainbows and pixel art.

The cheery pixel art visuals, the super catchy music and the fact that you’re controlling a rainbow boosting unicorn in space makes Rainbow Birthday Planet an adorable experience that you can’t help but smile along with while you’re playing. A great little game that’s guaranteed to brighten up your day. Happy birthday Jupi!

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