Rainbow Driver – Prototype Download


Rainbow Driver is the gaming equivalent of attempting to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time – with you shooting alien ships on a two dimensional plane, whilst driving along a three dimensional plane!

Being created by Vidvhat (developer of Lovely Planet), in Rainbow Driver you drive along a road, dodging hazards, picking up bullets and apples, then firing them at the alien ships that fly overhead.  The apples are very handy as they block enemy shots and destroy enemy spaceships in one hit, but it’s always a risk picking one up as if you mistime the button press you’ll crash into the apple and die.  This makes for some very challenging gameplay as there’s a lot going on and your brain has to think two dimensionally and three dimensionally at the same time – which can really take a little getting used to!

Rainbow Driver is still very early in development so there’s no audio and it has a lot of placeholder art, but the core gameplay is very addictive. Driving and blasting enemies is a very tricky skill to master, but it makes for a satisfyingly challenging game with that all important ‘just one more go’ factor.  A twitchy rainbow joyride that’ll really kick your ass!

Note:  Use Z to fire lasers and X to pick up/throw apples (you have to time the button presses to pick up the apples)

Follow The Development of Rainbow Driver Here

Download The Rainbow Driver Prototype Here