Rainboy – Alpha Demo

Rainboy is a stylish precision platforming adventure where you use a throwable orb to help propel you through its vibrant pixel art world.

In Rainboy you follow the adventure of the multicolored Rainboy and a little floating orb called Dart as they set out on a lighthearted precision platforming adventure. Rainboy is quite agile himself, able to pull off barge jumps and wall-jumps, but Dart is a big help too. You can throw Dart across the screen in different directions and then dash to Dart’s location. Along the way you’ll make your way through the game’s beautiful colorful world, make friends and battle challenging bosses.

At the moment Rainboy lacks the precision of the likes of Celeste or Super Meat Boy, but it more than makes up for it with its delightful pixel art visuals and interesting Dart-hurling gameplay. It’s shaping up to be a magical multicoloured platforming adventure packed full of charm and personality.

Download The Rainboy Alpha Demo Here (Steam)