Rainmaker – Game Jam Build

rainmaker game

Rainmaker, a game made for the Pico-8 Jam #1, has you watering plants by walking through clouds.

You are a girl dressed in red who can walk among the clouds. As you walk on the cloud fluff, it dissipates, causing raindrops to fall onto the row of flowers at the bottom of the screen. These flowers are always visible, regardless of how high or low you go on the screen. If you force enough water to fall onto the flowers, they will grow, resulting in a beautiful garden. Once you have grown a few flowers, you can pick up a pair of scissors to cut them. If you cut 20 of them, you will complete one of your goals.

There are 4 goals of this game, however you only need to complete 3. Along with cutting 20 flowers, you need to collect 3 stars which are dotted around the level, collect 3 lightning bolts, and/or complete 2 duties within 99 seconds. There are also a pair of high heels to find in the level which can give you double jump if found.

Sparks move around on the clouds. These are quite dangerous. If you directly touch a spark, your will die. You can kill them though – you must destroy all of the cloud fluff around the spark so that it has nowhere to go and dies off. Once it dies, a lightning bolt will be left in its place. These sparks do cause a shock wave after destroyed, which will shoot you back up higher. Can you complete the tasks and win the game?

Play Rainmaker Here (Browser)