Rainswept – Alpha Demo

Rainswept is a stylish and surreal narrative based adventure in which you play a detective who’s been sent to a small town to investigate a murder/suicide case of a young couple who had secluded themselves from the local community.

In Rainswept you take control of Michael Anderson, a homicide detective who has been sent to aid the local cops in an investigation of the death of a young couple. The young couple had only lived in the town for a few months, but hadn’t really been too keen to integrate into the community, preferring to keep themselves to themselves. The local cops are convinced that the man, shot the woman then turned the gun on himself, but after a little investigation it soon becomes apparent that there may be more to it than that. The more you dig, the more you find out about the couple, the town they lived in and the Detective Anderson, who also has his own inner demons he’s dealing with.

The current build of Rainswept takes around an hour to complete and really impresses with its stylish 2D visuals, Twin Peaks-esque atmosphere, interesting narrative and quirky characters who enjoy a bit of small town gossip. The more you investigate, the more you’re drawn into the intriguing mystery of who the young couple were and why they were killed. A well crafted murder mystery adventure well worth investigating.

Download Rainswept Here (Windows)