Raji: The Ancient Epic – Demo Speedrun Competition

The devs of Raji: The Ancient Epic have teamed up with Alpha Beta Gamer for a giveaway that will see the fastest fifty players who complete their Alpha demo winning full copies of the game upon release!

As we mentioned last month during the coverage of the Alpha Demo, Raji: An Ancient Epic is a very impressive new fantasy action adventure game that draws inspiration from Indian mythology and sees you helping a young gypsy girl fight back against demons that are invading Earth. It’s a fun game, with gorgeous hand-painted artwork, fluid character animation, tactical combat and an intriguing narrative.

The Alpha Demo build takes around 20 minutes to play through, with the devs managing a time of 18:31, but we’re sure you can beat that! Here are the rules of the contest:

1. The objective is to complete the demo of Raji: An Ancient Epic with the best time.

2. The top 50 winners will get a digital copy of the game on Steam on release. The best timing for the top three positions will also win a digital artbook and digital soundtrack as well!

3. To Enter download the demo of the game from Steam or Indie DB. Play it and upload your video on Youtube. Share it via Twitter using the tag #alphabetarajicontest and be sure to follow them on Twitter.

4. You cannot edit your video to skip anything in the game or edit the video to play faster, these are the only rules.

5. The competition runs till December 11th.

Good Luck!

You Can Support Raji: The Ancient Epic on Kickstarter Here