Rakete – Prototype


Rakete is a chaotic little game, similar to Lunar Lander, where the aim is to take off from point A and land on point B.  Sounds easy?  What about doing it with five thrusters, all controlled by different keys?  Still to easy?  How about doing it with 5 different players, each one controlling a separate thruster?  Houston, we have a problem!

Rakete is great fun in single player, and is still pretty tricky using the keyboard to coordinate your thrusters, but multiplayer is where the real fun is.  5 players can all connect to the game using the brass monkey app for iOS or Android devices, then each player can control an individual thruster.  What follows is usually a chaotic disaster, with the ship cartwheeling and smashing into the ground, along with lots of shouting and plenty of fun.  In this game, many hands don’t make light work, they pick it up smash it into the ground.

Download the prototype or play it through a Unity supported browser HERE

1 thought on “Rakete – Prototype”

  1. I did not see any ‘quit game’ buttons so be prepared to open task manager to close it, also I couldn’t use every engine, the only combos that wok are 2 outer, 2 inner, 1 middle, 2 left, and 2 right. all in all the game is nice for a group to play but as a single player you’ll get bored after maybe 20 minutes of playing

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