Rampage Knights – Alpha Demo

rampage knights

Rampage Knights is a chaotic cooperative beat ’em up with randomized dungeon crawling, exploration, customisation, lots of weaponry, magic powers and loot.

You play as a hero trapped by a spell in a magical forest where all paths lead to a nearby ruined castle – the source of the black magic covering the land.

Rampage Knights features randomised roguelite gameplay inspired by The Binding of Isaac mixed with classic melee combat from games like Golden Axe.  Each run lasts around 60mins, starting with a bare hero who evolves and changes (visually and gameplay-wise) as you find better weapons, items, magic powers and fight harder and harder monsters. Eventually you reach the final boss at the bottom of the pit (or your death).

When you die, you may loose your weapons and items, but you keep your combat experience.  You’re resurrected in a camp, full of travellers who you met in the woods, who offer a variety of useful customisation & gameplay options to aid your progress.

It’s a fun game, that offers old-school co-op hack n slash action, lots of upgrades, loot and weaponry in randomly generated bite size (and bloody) chunks.

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Check out the IndieGoGo campaign HERE

Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)

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    • Sorry man, I couldn’t tell you what the min specs are. Most of the games we feature are so early in development that the devs don*t even know what the min specs are. We just install them and see if they work! You can always contact the dev though, I’m sure they’d be keen to hear any feedback. :)

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