RAN: Lost Islands – Open Beta

RAN: Lost Islands is a melee combat focused 100 player battle royale game set during the middle ages, which sees samurai, ninja, cavalry, and spearmen facing off on a cursed island.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the PS4 Beta sign up, RAN: Lost Islands aims to bring true melee combat to the battle royale genre. It takes place on a cursed island in the middle ages and sees 100 players fighting to be the last one standing. There are nine character classes (including samurai, ninja, cavalry, Western conquerors and spearmen) and you can use horses, gliders, grappling hooks and boats to help you traverse the map. It’s not just the other players that are trying to kill you either, the island will assault you with tornadoes, tsunami, volcanoes and lightning storms, so it’s not exactly a perfect holiday destination!

It’s a great looking game and the interesting setting and melee focused combat should help it stand out from the battle royale crowd. Check out the Beta to start storming the island now.

Sign Up For The RAN: Lost Islands Beta Here (Steam)