Random Access Character – Game Jam Build Download

Random Access Character is a fun little playtoy that allows you to randomly generate characters out of everyday objects and watch them strut their stuff.

More of a fun little playtoy than a game, Random Access Character is an addictive little oddity that randomly generates a new character every time you click the mouse. The building blocks for these characters are brightly colored and boldly patterned versions of everyday objects, such as sofa cushions, tables, flowers, flip flops, TV’s and bananas or abstract spheres, tubes and cubes. When you find a character you’re particularly fond of you can press the spacebar to export it as a GIF to share on social media.

It’s a simple but fun little playtoy that can be surprisingly addictive as you click your way through an infinite number of bizarre characters – from black and white banana men to someone constructed entirely out of fedoras. A fun little randomly generated oddity, well worth checking out.

Download Random Access Character Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)