RASKOPNIK: The Trench Warrior – Alpha Demo

RASKOPNIK: The Trench Warrior is a bombastic old school grid-based first person dungeon crawler where you fight your way through the trenches to complete missions during World War II.

In RASKOPNIK: The Trench Warrior you take control of a hardened B.J. Blaszkowicz-esque Russian soldier who is sent out on missions to help defeat the Nazis in WWII. The game plays like a traditional Eye of the Beholder style dungeon crawler, with four directional movement and turn-based combat. However, the WWII trench warfare setting makes for a very different take on the genre.

The demo features four large levels and is a lot of fun. The pixelated visuals are excellent and the soundtrack is epic. Meanwhile there are lots of interesting things to discover in the trenches and lots of different tactical options as you navigate them. You can recruit squad members who give you perks, you can dig through earth and there’s a nice selection of weaponry to blast Nazis with. It makes for a very refreshing and unique addition to the dungeon crawler genre and somehow seems more action packed than a lot of real-time first person shooters. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The RASKOPNIK: The Trench Warrior Alpha Demo Here (Steam)