Ratropolis – Alpha Download

Ratropolis features a charming and challenging blend of base building, strategy and deck-building CCG gameplay as you try to build and protect your little colony of rats from waves of deadly predators.

In Ratropolis you take control of a small colony of cute little rats who are fighting for survival against waves of hungry cats and other deadly predators. The game plays a little like Kingdom, with you protecting your central base, building structures either side, expanding your territory and recruiting various types of military units to defend it. The gameplay if much faster though and most of your actions are carried out by playing cards from a deck that you build up as you play.

You start each match of Ratropolis with just a few basic cards in your deck, but as you progress you’ll add better cards which can really aid your progress. You can draw five new cards from your deck every 15 seconds (or faster if you pay a charge), and once used most of them go back into the deck to be used again (except building cards which are one use only). Depending on the luck of the draw and how you build your deck you can amass a powerful army, but you really need to think fast and stay on top of things as one big wave of enemies can crush your kingdom very quickly.

Ratropolis’ fusion of CCG and base building gameplay works surprisingly well and it makes for a very addictive game. The artwork is excellent and although it’s a fairly easily accessible game, it’s very fast paced and challenging too. A cheerful cheese-filled real-time deck building card defense game well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ratropolis Alpha Here (Windows)