Rats in a Cage – Beta Demo

Rats in a Cage is a darkly humorous satirical puzzle game where you’re constantly abused by a rude AI as you attempt to complete an entry test for your new job.

In Rats in a Cage you are a new applicant for a corporate job. Unfortunately they are too busy to interview you properly, but they have sent you an entry test to complete. This involves being a rat, being constantly harassed by a rather angry AI and completing puzzles which require you to manipulate the other worker rats around you.

The Rats in a Cage demo build features the full first floor of the game, complete with 15 puzzle rooms, a boss battle (of sorts) and a toilet break. In each level your aim is to open up the correct doors to allow you to reach the exit. However, there are usually other worker rats in your way so you need to figure out ways to lure them away using coffee and gossip.

The puzzles are cleverly designed and require real thought and forward planning to conquer. The simplistic Baba is You-esque visuals work really well and the dialogue of the rude and your even ruder Boss are very funny. You will join the rat race in this game, but it’s way more fun than real work! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Rats in a Cage Beta Demo Here (Steam)