RATS – Prototype Download


RATS is a charming cartoon-styled stealth game where the goal is to use stealth and speed to break into bank vaults and escape the level before the timer runs out.

You play as a sneaky rat burgler, trying to avoid the prowling cat guards throughout the levels.  If one catches you it’s not game over, instead you’ll just lose some time on the level timer, you don’t want to get caught too many times though as every second counts in this game – once that counter reaches zero you’re busted.  This ever-present time limit forces you to play the game differently to regular stealth games.  Rather than wait until you’re sure the coast is clear you’re more likely to take chances – making for a more exciting arcade experience than your average stealth-em-up.

RATS is still early in development, and will have a lot more features added to it upon final release such as a choice of playable characters with special abilities, upgrades, tools, a hideout and pigs.  It’s a little similar to Monaco, in that it’s a cross between Gauntlet and Pac-Man with a hint of Roguelike elements, but this seems a little less hectic and more speed orientated.

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