Ratuz – Alpha Demo

Ratuz is a comically brutal cinematic horror action platformer where you attempt to escape from a prison that’s been experimenting on humans and turning them into bloodthirsty abominations.

In Ratuz you take on the role of a prisoner who’s locked up in a prison that prefers to experiment on its prisoners rather than reform them. At the start of the game a group of you are marched into a room and then started to be injected with different serums to see what the effects are.

It turns out that some effects aren’t good for the prisoners (such as vomiting to death or a head detaching like a The Thing style head-crab), but there’s one mutation that’s not good for anybody. One of your fellow prisoners is turned into a massive bloodthirsty rat-mutant that goes on a rampage through the prison. Now is a good time to make your escape, but you’d better be careful, there are LOTS of nasty ways to die!

The gameplay in Ratuz is a little similar to the early 2D Prince of Persia games, but with more of a focus on puzzle solving, stealth and horror. The massive mutant rat and the prison guards are a big threat, but there are plenty of other ways to die, such as falling into acid, giant spiked swinging balls and big falls, as well as various other booby traps and other mutants.

The current build of Ratuz is a little rough around the edges and does frustrate at times with its high difficulty level, but it’s also a lot of fun. It’s got a nice blend of classic cinematic action platforming gameplay, humor and comically brutal deaths. It also does a good job of shaking up the gameplay throughout and there are some very tense chase moments. A prison break horror adventure with a lot of promise.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ratuz Alpha Demo Here (Steam)