Ravenbound – Beta Demo

Ravenbound is an open world action RPG adventure with roguelite elements, that draws inspiration from Scandinavian folklore as you become a warrior imbued with magical raven powers.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, in Ravenbound you become the vessel of the Raven – an ancient weapon created by imprisoned gods. Your mission is to restore order to the island of Ávalt, grow your Raven’s power and eventually free the gods. It won’t be easy though, and the game features permadeath, but the strength of the Raven will pass on to your next character.

The demo build of Ravenbound is very impressive. After a short tutorial you are then given an hour to do as you please across the entire island. You can turn into a raven and soar through the air to travel quickly across the island. There’s lots to do on the island, whether visiting towns or embarking on quests.

It’s an impressive game with a vast open world to freely explore, fast paced skill-based combat, fun traversal mechanics and a novel deck-building approach to perks. If you’re looking for a meaty action roguelike adventure to sink your teeth into, you’re bound to love Ravenbound.

Download The Ravenbound Beta Demo Here (Steam)