Ravenfield – Beta Download

Ravenfield game download

Ravenfield is a very silly, but surprisingly competent Battlefield-style single player first person shooter that allows players to pilot helicopters, drive vehicles and use an assortment of weaponry as teams of red and blue low poly soldiers with ragdoll-physics blast the hell out of each other.

Ravenfield is an experimental project that the dev is creating just for fun, so don’t expect high fidelity visuals or 100% accurate physics, but it is a lot of fun.  Gameplay is similar to Battlefield’s Conquest Mode, with you playing a soldier in the Blue team, who must battle for control of certain points in the map – the more points you capture, the higher your points multiplier is and you win by beating the enemies score by 200 points.  Surprisingly, the AI is pretty competent, so it’s not a walk in the park – running head first into the action over open ground is suicide, so cover and back-up from your AI teammates is essential.  You can Pilot choppers and drive jeeps, and even customize loadouts with a selection of weaponry – of which the sniper rifle is particularly fun.

Ravenfield is clearly a work in progress, so it’s got plenty of rough edges and s few (sometimes hilarious) bugs, but the fun low poly ragdoll battlefield mayhem more than makes up for it’s shortcomings.  Light-hearted high action low poly warfare

Download the Ravenfield Beta Here (Win, Mac & Linux)