Ravenous, Ravenous Ravens – Game Jam Build

ravenous ravenous ravens

Ravenous, Ravenous Ravens is a bizarre blend of pinball and ragdoll physics, in which you must attempt to hurl balls at the red and white bumpers for points, eggs and variety of retro arcade themed trinkets.

There are a variety of tactics you can use to hit the bumpers, from carefully rolling balls up the side walls to hurling yourself wildly around the screen.  Hitting the bumpers with a ball releases eggs (which can be eaten for points) and random bonuses, such as more crows or cameo appearances from arcade classics such as Pac Man, Asteroids and Tetris.

Starting off fairly sedately with one raven and a few balls, the chaos soon ramps up as more objects and ravens are introduced to the proceedings.  It’s a silly, fun and oddly addictive game that proves that playing pinball isn’t quite as easy when your flippers are attached to a flock of ravenous ragdoll ravens!

For Some Ball Control Tips Check Out The GIFs HERE

Play Ravenous, Ravenous Ravens in a Browser HERE