Raven’s Point – Alpha Demo

Raven’s Point is a tense jump-scare filled boss rush horror game where you use different techniques to beat the monsters that inhabit a strange town.

The full game of Raven’s Point will feature four unique boss fights to deal with and the current demo build traps you in a dingy basement with one of them – a psycho in a rabbit suit with a penchant for playing hide and seek. You can explore the basement freely, but as soon as you turn on the light switch then the deadly game of hide and seek starts.

You need to listen to the rabbit’s laughter to try and find where he’s hiding, then once you find him then it’s your turn to hide. The rabbit will always find you, but if you close your eyes just as it laughs as it’s about to reach you then it’ll disappear and it’s your turn to search for the rabbit again. Each round you win weakens the rabbit, but also makes it faster, so you have to be quick later on.

It’s not the most complex of horror games but the visuals are excellent, the bunny is very freaky and it’s a very tense, jump-scare orientated experience that’s likely to appeal to fans of the FNaF series. A super scary game of hide and seek with a very bad bunny.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Raven’s Point Alpha Demo Here (Windows)