Rawal Rumble – Prototype

Rawal Rumble is an awesome retro side scrolling beat ‘em up, with old school arcade combat, lots of weapons, a great sense of humor and a suitably silly plot about brainwashing and cyber-police kidnapping your girlfriend.

Playable in single player or local co-op, in Rawal Rumble you take control of an ex-cop and his best friend – an ex-CCCCB Catalan soldier who is now a kebab seller. Chaos has erupted on the streets of Rawal after the public have awoken from decades of mass brainwashing by the government. Your girlfriend has been caught up in the fracas and has now been kidnapped by the cyber-police. Time to take to the streets and kick some ass!

The current build of Rawal Rumble features one full level and an endless survival mode. The level is set in a subway (a mainstay of any respectable beat ‘em up) and sees you battling your way through henchmen using an assortment of kick ass moves and weaponry, then facing off against a fire-bomb throwing boss. It’s not too tough, but it is a lot of fun, not least due to its great sense of humor and in-jokes – such as a weaponized bag of beer and the Golden Axe-style ‘gnome’ that you can beat up for power-ups.

Rawal Rumble really impresses with its tongue-in-cheek homage to the classic arcade beat ‘em up. It looks and feels like something that would be gobbling up coins in an arcade cabinet next to Final Fight and Double Dragon in the 90’s arcades, but with a bit more visual flourish and a lot more irreverent humor. Well worth checking out for some old school beat ‘em up action that brings the rage back to the streets.

Check Out a Gampelay Video Here

Download The Rawal Rumble Prototype Here (Windows)