RAWMEN – Alpha Download

RAWMEN is a delightfully silly third person arena fighter that sees a bunch of semi-naked chefs doing battle in one big food fight!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up, RAWMEN is what would happen if Splatton and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateboarding had a food fight. In the game you take control of a semi-naked chef who uses soup and food-fuelled superweapons to eliminate their opponents.

RAWMEN features 2-8 player multiplayer matches where players control customizable chefs as they beat each other up with food. There are a variety of special weapons but the main weapon in your arsenal is soup – which you can throw at your enemies and use to slide around the environment like a skateboarding game.

It is still early in development so feels a little rough and ready at the moment, but it’s a fun game with vibrant visuals, fast paced gameplay and a souper silly premise. Slapstick, splat-filled food fight well with joining in.

Download The RAWMEN Alpha Here (Steam)